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Main Water Line Repair

Can my main water line be repaired or should it be replaced?

In some instances, your main water line may be successfully repaired.  The age, material, and condition of your water line will determine whether or not your water line can be repaired, or if a full replacement is your best option.

Photo of white work van behind a work area showing a neatly dug access hole near the water meter at the street. The dirt has been placed carfully on a tarp so the grassy area can be returned to original condition
My main water line is old and leaking. Can it be repaired?

Repairs done on old main water lines pose a high risk that weak areas, other than the area being worked on, may be affected, due to the poor integrity of the old main water line. Usually old main water lines are too deteriorated to be repaired. Any attempt to do a repair may disturb other vulnerable areas of the line, causing new leaks and breaks. This often makes a full trenchless water line replacement the better option.


Repairs often become cost prohibitive because multiple repairs are needed over time.  Repeated repairs on an old line can end up costing just as much, if not more, than a full replacement...and you are still stuck with your old, deteriorated line! For these reasons, many homeowners choose to go with a full trenchless water line replacement.

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