How Much Does Trenchless Waterline Replacement Cost?

The average cost of our trenchless waterline replacements, for homes in the greater Portland Oregon area, range from about $1900 to $3500, depending on many factors, which are outlined below.

Trenchless Waterline Replacement Price Explained

During your free estimate appointment, we will be assessing many factors that make your trenchless waterline replacement unique.  We will be looking for things that make trenchless replacement go smoothly, or make it more difficult, affecting price
We will be looking for obstructions or obstacles, like trees, large rocks or very rocky soil.  We may need to route around trees with large root systems. Though rare, some very rocky soil may not be compatible with
trenchless waterline replacement.
We will also look at how your utilities are configured. Overhead utilities are a lot easier to locate and avoid than utilities that are buried underground. Underground utilities may require careful hand digging to locate and avoid when boring your new waterline. When many utilities or cables cross the direct path of the new
trenchless waterline, you can expect the bid to reflect some additional cost in the total price.  
We will measure the number of feet from the water meter, to the point of entry at your home.  We will also measure the current diameter of your waterline. Some customers take this opportunity to improve water pressure by going a size larger.  If the line is already undersized for the number of bathrooms it supplies, we will recommend upsizing the line.  The most common size of line that we install is 1”.  For a larger home, you may want to consider a 1.25”
water line replacement. The length and diameter of your waterline is one of the main factors that affect bid price. 
Water meter boxes are usually located next to the street, either embedded in the concrete or in the grassy area next to the curb. Meter boxes that are embedded in soil or grass are ideal.  When the meter box is embedded in concrete, cutting and removal of concrete will be necessary to complete the
trenchless water line installation.  This does add some additional cost to the estimate price.
A main water line usually enters the home through the crawl space, basement foundation or the garage. A nice big crawl space, which is easily accessible, is the least expensive scenario.  If the crawl space is very shallow, moving and working in it can be very difficult.  Waterlines that enter through a concrete basement foundation require additional drilling, patching and waterproofing of the concrete foundation.  If the waterline enters through your garage, cutting, removal and patchwork to the concrete floor may also be factor.  For these reasons,
trenchless waterline replacements for homes with a basement or shallow crawl space, or when the waterline enters through the garage, tend to be a little higher price than homes where the waterline enters through a big crawl space. 
During your appointment, we will also discuss any additional items that you may need or want at the time of the waterline replacement, such as, a sprinkler connection, emergency shut-off valve, backflow preventer, additional hose bibbs, etc.


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