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Trenchless Waterline Replacement

Trenchless water line replacement is an exciting and innovative way replace your aging or broken water main.  What used to require trenching and earth moving equipment, can now be done with very little disturbance...and it can even save you money! 

Trenchless water line replacement

What is trenchless water line replacement?

Simply put, trenchless water line replacement is a process using directional boring equipment and other technologies to run a new water line underground.  Trenchless water line replacement is used to minimize expense, time without water, disruption to your utilities, and damage to driveway, sidewalks, trees and landscaping.

How does trenchless water line replacement work?

Trenchless boring equipment is used to run a new water line underground, along the same path as the old one. Two access holes are dug, one near the water meter and one where the water line enters the home.  This allows the new water line to be run at the proper depth, from the meter to your house.  The new water line is then connected to your meter and your homes internal water lines.  Trenchless water line replacement requires very minimal disturbance to the ground and surrounding utilities, trees and landscape.

How Do Trenchless Water Line Replacement Costs Compare to Traditional, Trenched Replacements?

Trenchless water line replacement usually costs about the same price or even less than excavation.  Large excavation equipment is costly and takes more time to operate, causes significantly more damage to landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, and can even cause accidental damage to utilities and tree root systems.

How long will trenchless water line replacement last?

You should never have to replace your water line again after having a trenchless water line replacement.  The life expectancy of trenchless water line replacement done with Uponor PEX is more than 100 years .  Uponor Pex comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. We offer a 10 year warranty on our full trenchless water line replacements.  Once your old water line is replaced with our trenchless water line technology, you may never have to worry about your line again!

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